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Like the rest of the planet, Squandered Youth is sequestered and safe.
We’ve missed playing music for you. The best we can do is share the fun we had on New Year’s Eve 2020 at one of our all-time favorite venues, the CI Bar & Grill in Tualatin.

Here is part two of Squandered Youth
New Year’s Even 2020 at the CI Bar & Grill…

Here are some samples of
Squandered Youth
(sorry the video quality in some cases is a bit off as is the band! (LOL)

Pink Cadillac is one of our favorites..Springsteen song. Pink Cadillac is one of our favorites..

Here’s a couple of classics.
A funky version of Crossroads
and our unique way of doing Can’t You See!

We usually do manage to keep our hands to ourselves.
Our music is a whole other matter…